February Mixtape: Wild Child Homebody

Hey guys! Happy February! Since you guys loved my last playlist so much, I'm stoked to continue this playlist series month to month! I missed January, so I've got two playlists for you this month: today's "wild child homebody" dance mix and a bonus self-love mix, coming out around Valentines day. When "wild child homebody" first tumbled out of my mouth, it just clicked: that's so me.

A free-wheeling creative. A lady bird following my intuition over the ocean of experience. A booty-shaking cyclone of joy on the dance floor.

And also: a hermit who loves tea. A Harry Potter nerd. A yin yoga practitioner. A lover of sacred silence.

I can be both. YOU can be both. And you know what, we need a little background music to go along with that feeling.

So here it is, a dance mix I've spent probably too many hours composing! It's a compilation of rootsy funk, neo-soul, modern electro-pop with roots influences and genre-bending indie-pop-folk-rock-yadda-yadda. My litmus test for this playlist as I was putting this together was simple. For every song I asked: does this make me want to move my body? Every song is a hell yes.

You can expect songs from: Vulfpeck, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Tune-Yards, Jr Jr, Noname, Moonchild, Empress Of, Sylvan Esso, The Dip, Ravyn Lenae, Phantogram, Bilal and lots more. Honestly I think that blend of modern danceable electro-pop and neo-soul / neo-soul influenced modern hip-hop/funk could be a total disaster. But this playlist just works. Trust.

I love world music so there was a period where it went kind of off the rails with afro-beat and fusion music, but I reigned it back in. I'll save the world music dance party for another day.

Anyhoo, this list is dope. Listen to it anytime you need a dance break -- in the kitchen, in the garden, in your car, during a workout. I LOVE listening to it when I'm doing elliptical, weight training or running. Just try to look like a normal person, dance-jamming to this while you're getting swole. I dare you.

Listen here.

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And happy Black History Month!