February Mix-Tape: Highly Sensitive Chill Out (Instrumental)

As promised, I've put together a bonus mix tape for this month as an extra treat. My goal with this list was to create a collection of songs that are perfect for my Highly Sensitive self to totally relax with. I wanted a list I could turn on while having a good think on a long, solitary walk in the woods. A list I could listen to while reading (or napping) in the bath. A list I could put on when I want to free-write, doodle or paint. A list that feels wonderful to dance to: slow, emotive improvisational and immersive. A list I can turn on in the background while I'm having deep conversations with my lover (*ahem* husband) over dinner. As I chose the songs for this mixtape I asked myself this question: "does this song make me breath more deeply?" If the answer was yes, it went on the list. I did my best to choose songs that are gentle on the psyche, with no grating noises or excessive minor key. All of the tracks are instrumental (except for one choral track). I find I can't truly relax or focus when a playlist has overt lyrics.

I've tested this out as background music for my gentle hatha yoga classes and it works like a dream from start to finish. It'd be lovely for massage or a romantic date as well.

Listen to it here!

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xoxo Renee