October Playlist: Demon Detox for Ecstatic Dance

Witchy vibes for a Halloween post, I couldn’t resist.

Witchy vibes for a Halloween post, I couldn’t resist.


Hey friends! So today I have a very special playlist for you! It’s a mix of songs designed for intentional movement and emotional release. It’s not just a dance playlist — it’s a movement therapy practice!

The playlist starts with very slow, instrumental tracks and slowly ramps up to a peak of intense music, followed by a gradual release into slower, softer music. That leaves space for warming up and stretching, getting into more active movement and a cool down.

In this playlist I’ve started out with mostly new classical tracks, followed by experimental R & B / hip hop / funk tracks, which ramps up into some beat and bass heavy electronic dance tracks. The “come down” is a collection of low key trance hop followed by more soft, sweet and positive trance ballads and super low key instrumentals. My intention is for this playlist to feel like a slow and soft invitation to movement, with plenty of joy of invocations for full-body expression mixed in.

In this playlist you’ll find a pretty big mix of artists, but just to name a few: Zoe Keating, Jill Scott, D’Angelo, Vulfpeck, Childish Gambino, Odesza, Pretty Lights, Sudan Archives, Erykah Badu, My Brightest Diamond and so many more. If you listen to it on shuffle it feels very split-personality (haha) so… ye be warned! Listening to it in order is highly recommended.

I originally developed this playlist for the community-led conscious dance events I go to here in Charlottesville. The get togethers are based on the 5 rhythms dance therapy method, except that they’re self-led as opposed to guided by an MC. Many communities call this kind of movement practice “ecstatic dance” — which I find to be exceedingly accurate!

As opposed to a “free form dance class” this kind of practice is meant to help you let go or express in whatever way feels most natural. You could lay on the floor listening to the music for 2 hours if you want. Or simply walk around. Maybe tap yer toes a bit. Or, if you’re like me, get down with your bad self.

For me conscious / intentional / ecstatic dance gives me space to process emotions that get “stuck” in my body. It helps me to express joy, anxiety, aggression, ecstasy, vulnerability in a safe space. I love giving myself time to play with movement and feel awkward and just see what happens. Even if it’s just alone in my house on a Monday morning.

I also find this playlist super helpful for slowly waking up and then getting really stoked as the day progresses. It’s excellent for exercise too, as the stretch time, intensity and cool down are built right in.

OH! And I’m calling this playlist “demon detox” because I’m posting it on Halloween. DUH! Enjoy your Samhain rituals and hallowed Halloween candy gorging. :)

I hope y’all enjoy! Don’t forget to follow the playlist to save it. And hey, why not subscribe to my Spotify profile while you’re at it? XOXO — Renee

P.s. If listening to Spotify via web browser it works best on Firefox. :)