Edible Grooves Playlist

edible grooves playlist by will frolic for food

So I made you a playlist — it’s for all of my food lovers out there (ahem, that’s you!). It’s a collection of songs about food or referencing food in non-cheesy ways (although there are definitely references to cheese). I’ve been gathering these songs together here and there over the past few months — the playlist is about 4 hours of play time, mostly roots, indie and psych rock. There’s a sprinkling of low-key acoustic folk, electro-pop and chill-hop.

It’s a grab bag… but it just works. It’s a fun, surprising mix that I hope makes you laugh with all of the subtle food cues.

There’s an overall chillness about this playlist. So pop this baby on while you’re making dinner, when you’re having friends over for mocktails or the next time you’ve on a a road trip. Dare I say, it might just be great for a dinner party?

Ok ok, here it is… enjoy!

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xo — Renee