My Week in 5: I'm Off to Burning Man!

Hi! Today I'm starting a new series. "My Week in 5" is a simple collection of photos that I've taken throughout the week. I interpret it as "my week in 5 minutes" but I'll always post at least 5 photos.

I've recently been doing a lot more photography projects, and it seems such a shame not to share my new work with you all. And of course, since we're all friends here, I want to show you vignettes of my life more frequently. I get so caught up in the recipe testing that I often forgo taking time to sit down with you all (over a cup of tea or coffee) and just say... hello! I love you!

So in other news, I leave for Burning Man today! I'm all packed up and have one foot out the door. I'm planning on shooting loads of photos and some video. Including breaking down my whole food and kitchen setup out there. You guys don't even know. You're gonna get photo overloaded when I get back!

That being said, I'll be taking a break until the 5th of September. So in the meantime, happy Labor Day my American friends!  I hope you all get to soak in this gorgeous end-of-summer juiciness.