A Poem for Everything Reborn in Spring

monday meditations | willfrolicforfood.com Tree roots sink into moist earth.

Clouds are cool breath hanging over these Virginia fields.

Sometimes I go out in the early morning in March with a blanket over my shoulders just to watch the hour go from blue to that exhale of gold.

And the grass twitches with love-sick crickets stumbling cold and clumsy.

I feel wet cool air on my skin, noticing particularly the bumpy little scratches on my forearms, raised and red after wrestling with weeds over the weekend.

Cardinals and little brown birds echo trills off of trees, creaking and whistling, cutting through thick silence, from nothingness into nothingness.

These stones I stand on whittle into sand over centuries, giving up their forms to smaller and smaller forms of self.

The empty branches of my cherry tree wick off morning mist, droplets hanging between tiny buds.

I step on fat dandelions that sigh upward and downward everywhere, leaving a battered trail of bent flower heads behind. They seem satisfied albeit crooked, having their pollen trail along my boot bottoms.

I like to squat in the grass, getting my face down low to the earth, so as to watch bees collect daily bread in the hen-bit and creeping charlie and white spiders (small as freckles) skitter and jump.

All things living and non-living, their existence and purpose a kind of worship of the Right Now in chaos and in chorus.

Life pulsing in and through the cells and molecules.

Beings and non beings offering their collected atoms and infinite space to the everythingness of being alive.

I watch my breath come out of my nostrils in soft waves and ask: do my atoms sing a praise without my even knowing?


Poem title: "The Smallest Knows the Biggest" by Renee Byrd (me)

At the continued request of friends and readers, I have decided to start a series featuring my poems and meditations. I tend to write these pieces during long walks, after yoga or journaling or meditation and as a result of excellent conversation with friends. This particular piece was first drafted in April 2016 and "finished" in March 2017 (they never really feel finished). Thank you so much for your readership, and leave a comment with your thoughts below!