Kiwi Prosecco Cocktail w/ Cocorrina


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My week, in food & drink.

A bottle of white wine, a tub of hummus, and chips absorbed over giggle snorts and heart sharing with Lauren Stonestreet of Elle Effect post a sweaty bike ride uphill to her house.

A pan of brownies plus an unmarked bottle of Michael Shaps Odette 2013 yet-to-be-released-officially noshed and sipped between me and my band mates during practice (we're prepping for a gig at Pippin Hill on Sunday). I had to hide the brownies to keep Logan from eating the half-pan of leftovers for breakfast.

Logan roasted green coffee beans for the first time on Tuesday. Ultra light roast. The brew tastes like peanut butter.

A massive bowl of lentil kale pasta salad with the most badass red pepper dressing (coming up on the blog soon) that Logan, our friend Steve and I happily ate while they played Super Smash Bros after work (ritual male bonding + nostalgia + decompressing + badass salad = happy doods).

A giant jar of gluten free graham crackers I made for a special post coming up tomorrow but that also got eaten with almond butter, honey, and blackberries. They made a great snack plain during a long drive to pick up some new chocolate equipment in Jersey, too.

Sunny side up eggs with heirloom tomatoes and toast with ghee as emergency refuel after 4 hours of sleep. Then we did some moving of furniture. Then we slept all day and watched the last season of The Mentalist.

And now on to the booze! This kiwi prosecco cocktail is about as easy as a blended cocktail gets. It's got the whole fruit in it, not just the juice. So you might even be able to tell yourself it's kind of healthy. It's green, right? Just don't sub it out for your morning smoothie (do sub it out for your mimosa). To get the recipe for my Kiwi Prosecco Cocktail head over to Cocorrina's blog. Enjoy!