The azaleas in my front yard have started to wilt and dry out. While half of my wild roses fall apart in my hand, petals releasing and dropping to the ground at the slightest nudge. I know what that means. Summer is creeping up on us. My cherry tree is working on its fruit, and my unruly strawberry patch is prepping its little green fruit knobs for to someday become strawberry pie. Not to mention the blueberries that are way psyched about turning water and sunlight into a million round tasty treats for the birds and deer and renees and logans hanging around.

I'm getting all dreamy eyed over the oncoming heat wave of sunshiny Summer. I've been really into lists recently -- thus, a list of my Summertime dreams so far:

Piles of heirloom tomatoes and mounds of fresh basil stacked and layered with homemade chevre on fresh bread.

Swimming hole adventures (we scouted a great spot at Sugar Hollow last week!).

Sticky hikes, toting iced tea and sandwiches for picnics overlooking the city.

Learning the basics of bee hive care out on the country, where some friends just got their first hives. (Bees are one of my spirit "animals," so I'm really hoping I get to do this!)

Dancing under an open night sky to the sounds of friends playing acoustic guitars, harmonizing, surrounded by gardens and lines of drying sheets. Cold whiskey in hand a must.

Kayaking in Back Bay, sounds of tree fogs lulling me into a trance, watching the sunset roll over the brackish water. The white and grey herons whipping off and away, knobby knees and all, disturbing the carpet of lily pads as I float on.

Popsicles dripping down my wrist at the city market.

Sweaty yoga and meditation sessions at Spy Rock, overlooking green valleys and rolling rocky mountains.


And here's a recipe for the creamiest sweet superfood smoothie I may have ever made. Hot weather means more and more smoothies and fresh juices in our house. I always try to add a little green to my smoothies, to pack them with as much nutrition as possible. Smoothies are a great way to download all of your essential vitamins in a palatable, enjoyable way. MORE SPINACH, I always say. The coconut oil in this really takes it to the next level, making it both more flavorful and satisfying (and good for supporting your nervous system and brain functioning!). I often drink a smoothie like this for breakfast or lunch and I'm good to go for 4 to 5 hours.


1 cup sliced frozen bananas 1 cup frozen blueberries 2 cups fresh spinach (mine was rather loosely packed) 1 tsp chia seeds 1 tsp maple syrup 1 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk purified water

**other great additions cacao nibs sesame seeds maca lucuma bee pollen oats walnuts yogurt hemp hearts

Add banana, blueberries, spinach, chia, maple syrup, coconut oil, coconut milk to your blender. Add water until just covering the ingredients. Blend until uniform in texture. Pour into jar or glass, pop a straw in and enjoy!

xo Renee