Lately I've been pinging back and forth between pouty and anxious emotional states. Not all of the time, but enough to make me feel unbalanced. I think that's pretty normal when you're trying to effectively work on and think on twenty projects at once -- while planning a wedding. IT'S CRAZY. Not talk-to-yourself crazy, but make-you-want-to-have-dance-battles-with-all-of-your-friends-to-work-out-your-frustrations crazy. As a response to that desire to dance battle, I think I need to start replacing my spinning (sometimes negative) thoughts with positivity. Inspired by Molly Yeh's Happy List, here are some things that bring me joy this Spring.

Doing Tai Chi with my dad.

Drinking coffee out of a hand thrown ceramic mug with a glaze that reminds me of Palominos.

The creamy blossoms on my pie cherry tree.

Still processing and unlocking meaning about the Santiago de Compostella pilgrimage I hiked four years ago.

My yard carpeted in bright violets.

My baby coffee plant.

Drinking wine and playing music every Wednesday.

Yoga and stretching and taking time to just breath.

Avocados and toast.

The first bees of the season.

Planning trips and adventures (to collect mushrooms, and beyond!).


And here are badass links from this past week!

Let's hot cross every dang thing.

Easter picnics are my fave.

Sometimes the best people win. And get interviewed on Saveur.

Earth has a twin!

A gluten free baked almond pancake which makes my dutch baby dreams come true.

Sometimes all I want is a cake covered in big flakes of toasted coconut.


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