Social Media, Creative Direction, Content Development

There's nothing quite as satisfying as watching the businesses I've consulted with flourish and succeed!  As a service-oriented person, I take great pride in helping businesses with social media strategy, creative direction and content development. I can both lend my services as a content creator and help you / your team develop your own skills as content creators. Let's make some magic happen!

Collaborations & Social Media

Some of my best and most beloved work has come out of collaborations. If you feel like your brand aligns with my work, let's team up! If you're new to WFFF, check out my about page to learn more about me and the blog vision.

It's critical that my collaborations align with my vision, aesthetic and authentic brand voice. I consider all collaborations a reflection upon me and my work as a whole, so I pay rigorous attention to product/service detail when it comes to teaming up. All posts and collaborative work are subject to approval and may be declined based on brand fit, interest or availability.

It's part of my mission with this site to promote and support conscious businesses, especially those that are small and environmentally conscious. I offer discounts to companies that gross under 100k per year, focus on plant medicine and/or are minority run. Please indicate in the contact form if that describes you!


Styling + Photography

Content Creation

Creating a gorgeous, consistent aesthetic through photography has been at the heart of building my brand and business. To me, imagery is as much about creating a feeling as it is about capturing a scene. Together we can create some beautiful images for your brand, website, newsletter, catalog or social media. Browse my Instagram and blog to get a feel for my aesthetic.

Private Photo Services

Do you have a special event, personal shoot or editorial spread you'd like to collaborate on? Let's work together!

General Contact Info


Social. @willfrolicforfood

Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have an inquiry, question or just want to chat.