About ME

Hi, I'm Renee Byrd. I'm a blogger, photographer and recipe developer based in Virginia, USA. In 2013 I began blogging as way to chronicle my plant-based recipes and share soulful stories from my daily life. I've been blogging and doing photography work full time since 2016, doing work with clients that have included Urban Outfitters, LaraBar, General Mills, Mountain Rose Herbs, Gaia, Anima Mundi Herbals and many more. 

When I'm not behind a camera, computer or cast iron skillet I'm also a professional yoga teacher, mindfulness educator and wellness expert. My passion for yogic philosophy, Ayurveda and holistic wellness inevitably permeate all of the work I create. My mission is to offer practical content that delights the senses and inspires positive inner shifts, especially for women struggling with sensitivities and self-image.

Will Frolic for Food has been featured by Food Network, Better Homes and Gardens, Food52, Self Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, BuzzFeed, Thrive Magazine, Zeit Magazin and many more.


This blog is a destination for plant-based eaters and health-lovers alike, primarily covering food but also including wellness-minded topics like self-care, living as a Highly Sensitive Person, intuitive eating and mindfulness. Recipes are mostly vegetarian, gluten-free, refined sugar free, vegan / vegan-optional and dairy free. Occasionally recipes are made with spelt, ghee, eggs, goat dairy or a sprinkle of cane sugar.  

Fun fact: I was once a hard-core vegan but I'm now passionately label-free about my food choices and I advocate intuitive eating. I try to approach my food choices with compassion for the food itself (plant, fungi, fish or other creature) as well as compassion for my body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). Food will always be a form of spiritual practice for me, it's just the way I'm built I suppose!

Always feel free to shoot me a message, whether you're looking for a bit of advice, you'd like to work together or you'd just like to have a chat.